The Progressive Union Show #143: Russia is the Red Herring, it is the Distraction from the REAL Threats!


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Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 




This Episodes Topics:

Trumpcare Third Time Around...Can it Pass

The Cruz Amendment : Will Kill Our Employer Paid Insurance.

Forget Russia: Our Elections Are Being Attacked From Within

Kris Kobach  , Cross Check and The Election Integrity Commission

56 Doctors , 412 Defendents Arrested in Opioids Scam of 1.3 Billion in Claims to Federal Healthcare Programs!

Who Will Be Republican #3 to Say No to Trumpcare? 

What Governor Holds Our Health in the  Balance?

Forget The Senate in 2018: GOP Seats Are Not Vulnerable 

How McDonalds is Beating the Wage Increases 

What Happens When an Iceberg as Big as Delaware Gets Loose? 

Tony's Top 10 List of Cities In America : How Much You Need to Make an Hour to Rent a Home.

Thomas Jefferson and  Slavery