Oct 5, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #146 : YES Rex He IS a Moron !

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Tillerson Says What We all Know to be True!!

Rex Line in the  Sand: Boy Scouts

Retiring Senator Corker Gives the Press the Straight Talk on the White House

Paul Ryan Begs for Tom Price's Position Reinstated... Kelly is Not Moved!

Ajit Pai Gets Confirmed: 4 Democrats Help Him Kill Net Neutralilty 

Who is Stanislav Petrov? 

Las Vegas Shooting : When Is the Time to Stop the Madness?

American Carange is Up , 338 Mass Shootings Before Las Vegas

30 Million Reasons There  will be NO new Gun Safety Regulations

Tony Reports on Ken Burns Vietnam Series ( History repeats itself)


Sep 10, 2017

The Progressive Union Episode #145 : Gone with the Wind, Red States Get Pounded , Mother Nature Strikes Back

The Progressive Union 

News , Politics and Commentary 

No corporate influence!!

Fierce, Factual and Always Fun! 


DACA : What is REALLY is and WHY the Republcans Did NOT want to Rescind it

Oh the Horror for McConnell, Trump takes the Bait from Schumer!

Trump the Deal Maker , NOT!!

Climate Change Denier Gov Rick Scott Freaks OUT Over Irma

Mothers of all Storms Hit Texas and Florida : Rush Limbaugh Calls them A Liberal Hoax

Equifax Hack: Hits 143 Million Americans

White Christians Are now a Minority 

10 Most Under rated Twilight Zone Episodes ( Hey you know you watch it!)




Aug 14, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #144 : Loose Talk of Nukes , Mueller Closing In, White Supremacists Take to the Streets

The Progressive Union

Independent News , Politics and Commentary

Free of any Corporate Influence

Hosts : Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Loose Talk About Nukes , Mueller Moves In and the KKK Take Over a Liberal College Town.

Political Musical Chairs : White House Looks to Increase Their Numbers in The Senate

While You Were Freaking Out Over Nukes : the Right Wing Agenda Moves Merrily On

Trumps Accomplishments: Ratcheting Up Tensions with North Korea and Fanning the Flames of Racism

Red Neck Revolt : Left Wing Activists 

Squirrel Goes Nuts ( no pun intended) in NYC 




Jul 14, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #143: Russia is the Red Herring, it is the Distraction from the REAL Threats!

 News, Politics and Commentary 

 Delivered Independent and FREE  of any Corporate Influence!!! 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 




This Episodes Topics:

Trumpcare Third Time Around...Can it Pass

The Cruz Amendment : Will Kill Our Employer Paid Insurance.

Forget Russia: Our Elections Are Being Attacked From Within

Kris Kobach  , Cross Check and The Election Integrity Commission

56 Doctors , 412 Defendents Arrested in Opioids Scam of 1.3 Billion in Claims to Federal Healthcare Programs!

Who Will Be Republican #3 to Say No to Trumpcare? 

What Governor Holds Our Health in the  Balance?

Forget The Senate in 2018: GOP Seats Are Not Vulnerable 

How McDonalds is Beating the Wage Increases 

What Happens When an Iceberg as Big as Delaware Gets Loose? 

Tony's Top 10 List of Cities In America : How Much You Need to Make an Hour to Rent a Home.

Thomas Jefferson and  Slavery









Jun 19, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #142: Reality Check : Jeff Sessions, TrumpCare & North Korea

The Progressive Union 

Co-Host Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

News, politics and commentary  

Independent of ANY  Corporate Influence


May 25, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #141: This is a Robbery!! Republicans Seek to Take it All !

The Progressive Union

Co- Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Delivering news and politics independent of corporate influence!


While America is Distracted by All Things Russia, The Trump Traveling Circus and UK Terror Attack --- A Robbery is Being Staged

Good News: Sanders Delegate wins  New York State Special Election : Creams GOP Candidate in Red District!

Bad News : Trump Budget is Austerity on Steriods

Cuts , Cuts and More Cuts:

Worse News: Trump Care Will Impact your EMPLOYER Paid Health Insurance Dramatically

Paul Ryan's Lie 

What's " The Goldwater Rule" ?? 

Why Are Insurers Really Leaving the Markets? Look to Republicans ?

Want to See What Trumpcare Will Look Like? Go To Iowa

More Cuts : Devastating Education Budget and Slash to Renewable Energy







Apr 25, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #140 : Democrats Who The Hell Are You Anyway?

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Topics : 

The Return of the Town Halls : Democrats Get A Dose of the Angry Mob

Democrats Who the Hell Are You Anyway?

Keith Ellison Lays the Blame on Obama

Should Democrats Choose Economic Populism Over Social Issues? 

DNC: Nobody Home ...for Real

Top 5 Ways Bill O Gave Us  Trump

Sally Yates In the Hot Seat on May 2nd 

10 Ways the Trump Administation is Waging War on The Planet


Fierce , Factual and Fun!!!

Independent News, Politics  and Commenatry ----Free of any corporate influence 


Apr 2, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #139 : Bots, Fake News , Manipulation … The Senate Takes Up Russia Attack on Our Democracy

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

This Weeks Topics:

Sean Spicer : Russian Dressing......What  Russian Connection???

Michael Flynn Runs for Cover, Sally Yates Testimony Cancelled and The President Tweets on..

TOP 13 Countries that BUY Arms from The United States

Senate Takes Up Russia's Meddling : Bots, Fake News and Manipulation

Buyer's Remorse In Trump's America!

How Democrats May have ONLY Won The Battle But Lost the War On TrumpCare

Amazon Poised to Tax America!!!





Mar 9, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #138 : Data Mining, Fake News and Who Really is Running the White House

The Progressive Union 

Hosts: Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Who is Robert Mercer ? 

Cambridge Analtica Knows YOU better than YOU!

How Brietbart Got to be the 29th Most Visited Site ...Really

Is Fake News Replacing Real News...YES and How

What are the Republicans Trying to Acheive  With TrumpCare

Democrats Need to Learn How to Message. 

No Score No Vote---Show Us the Money!

Trump Budget Will Slash 1 Billion $ from Coast Guard

Poll Reveals Number of Relationships Ended Due to 2016 Election





Feb 6, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #137: America Is About to be Robbed By Ryan’s Raiders … Where are the Democrats?

The Progressive Union Radio Show

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

News , Politics and Commentary Free of ANY Corporate Influence.

Fierce , Factual and Fun


Tom Price's Plan to Kill Your Employer Funded Health Insurance

YES THe GOP Has a Healthcare Plan !!

The Democrats Missed Opportunity to Expose Tom Price 

The Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism in the Trump Era. 

Donald Trump is The Distraction 

Even Bill Maher Missed it ( Why Grover Norquist is NOT a SANE Republican)!

Why Is Nobody Covering the DNC Chairmanship Race?

A New Way Foward for the DNC or More of the Same

Major Fake News Operation Tracked Back to a Republican Operative

How Washington Created a Honduran Nightmare

Who are the Justice Democrats??




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