May 26, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #158: Banks Get Deregulation Thanks to Democrats

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 


Farm Bill Held Hostage by Freedom Caucus

Schumer Strugglee to Contain Warren -Led Rebellion 

North Korea Leaves Trump's Peeps Hanging 

Progressives Around the Country Battle Establishment on the Ballot

Why Democrats Voted With Republicans to  Ease Bank Rules

Harvey Weinstein Perp Walk , Charged Finally in NYC

How Dodd Frank Helps the American Consumer

The REAL Winners of the Dodd Frank Roll Back

Celebrities that Support Donald Trump 

Tony's Mike Pence Dossier Part IV : Why Impeaching Trump is NOT a Solution!



May 11, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #157 : Bad Medicine

The Progressive Union 

News, Politics and Commentary 

Independent of any Corporate Influence


Medicaid on the  GOP Chopping  Block to Destruction

Eviction Notices Delivered to over 30,000 seniors in Nursing Homes in Louisiana

Senate Democrats Move to Save Net Neutrality

Queen of Torture: Gina Haspel Looks for a Promotion! 

Part III of Tony's report on VP Mike Pence

Joe Scarborough asks: Why Does Mike Pence Want to Close the Mueller Probe? 

CBS Poll: 6 Months Before the Mid Terms: Democrats Still Looking for  Party's Message




May 1, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #156 : Democrats Primary Shenanigans, Republicans Use Trump to Push Hard Right Agenda

News , Politics and Commentary

Delivered Free of Corporate Influence.


Democrats Never Learn: Primary Shenanigans 2018

The Mike Pence File: Part 2 of Tony's Report on the  VP

Retirement Roulette : How Republicians Will KILL Social Security ( right in plain sight!)

Fukushima : 7 Years Later the Disaster Continues! 

Trump: GOP Secret Weapon to Push Through Their Unpopular Agenda ( Look Over there!)




Apr 14, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #155 : The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Progressive Union

News, Politics and Commentary Delivered without ANY Corporate Influence.

This Week's Show:

Paul Ryan Cashes Out  

Why The Main Stream Media is Dangerous to Our Democracy? 

The  Revolution will  NOT be  Televised : thanks to Bill Clinton 

Keystone Pipeline Leak: One of the  Largest U.S. Inland Spills!

Workers Revolution! Teachers in Red States Demand Fair Pay and Improvements to Schools.

Water Still NOT Safe to Drink in Flint , WHY is Gov Snyder Ending the Free Bottled Water to  Citizens!

Why the Elites Hate Facebook ?

What did the Bush Administration do to the  Post Office in 2006?

How the Main Stream Media Twisted Bernie Sanders Speech in Mississippi 

Think Impeaching Trump is a Solution? Check out Tony DiLeonardo's First of three part Series on Mike Pence








Apr 3, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #154 : Winners and Losers

News, Politics and Commentary


Fierce , Factual and ALWAYS Fun!


Topics This Week:

Koch Brothers Get Trump to Fire by Tweet VA Secretary : Why?

The Robbery Continues: Tax Cut is Draining the Treasury 

Winners and Losers Spending Deal 

What is the  Grain Glitch ? 

Who the Heck is Ronny Jackson

Mueller in the Bush Era

Ted Squawk! Nugent Tries to be Relevant 

Yemen : How Democrats Enabled This Unauthorized War to Continue 

Senators Mike Lee and Bernie Sanders Team UP 

PEEPS Candy Maker and Union Struggle

Wisconsin Youth Take Theiri Message to Paul Ryan

Tony Discusses New Book: "The Water Will Come" by Jeff Goodell 






Mar 17, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #153 : White House Musical Chairs, Spies , Lies and Blue Waves

The Progressive Union 

Fierce, Factual and Always Fun

The Apprentice : The White House Edition Rages On..

Musical Chairs : Tillerson OUT!

Who is Felix Sater?

Mueller Demands Trump Company to Hand Over Documents 

Gina Haspel Queen of Torture moves up ...

Stephen Hawking, whose work changed modern physics , Dead at 76

Mueller Demands Trump Empire Surrender Files

Conor Lamb Victory, The Pundits , Settling for Second Best Theory in Red Districts 

PBS Reports : White Christians , Lutherans, Presbyterians Dropping in Numbers 

The Snuggie $7 Million Dollar Cover Up !

Sex in the  City Star for Governor of NY? Maybe...

Mnuchin Spent $1 Million Dollars Of YOUR $$ on Air Travel!!

Dump Junior: Divorce Runs in the Trump  Family 






Feb 25, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #152 : Democrats Go Rusky , While Republicans Bust the “Lock Box” to Raid Social Security

The Progressive Union 

News, Politics and Commentary FREE  of ANY Corporate Influence


Demagoguery: History Repeats Itself 

Assault Weapons Ban : We Had ONE! 

Stoneman Douglas: Right Wing Nightmare a School that Teaches Civics!

Ivanka & Rubio  Scheme to Kill Social Security 

Donors Rule: Why We Have NO Opposition Party To Fight for Working People

Trump in Mississippi?

Ex - NFLer Revenge Post Shuts Down High School

Lisa Marie Presely in Debt for 17 Million! 

Olympic Wrap Up! 


and  more 




Feb 6, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #151: As The GOP / Trump Dismantle Our Democracy , Who Will Speak for the American People?

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Factual , Fierce and Always Fun! 


Bill Maher Panel : Not One Person Representing the Working People 

Pay As You Go : Why Your Earned Benefits are on the Chopping Block

FISA's History and Why We Need it

What Did Rosenstein Visit Speaker Ryan?

Nunez Memo : Phase 1 to Muddy the Waters on Muller's Investigation

Democrats STILL Have NO Message!

Lottery Jackpot Tragedy

Pew Reserch Reports California Migrant Workers Shortage Due to Immigration Policies 

Tony's Sports Report: Concussions on the Rise in 2017, Indians Dump Logo, Super Bowl 52

The MOST Disgusting Dishes From Around the United States!




Jan 9, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #150 : Why Replacing Trump with Pence Will Not Save Our Democracy

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Why Trump is ONLY the Symptom of our National Crisis

Chris Hedges Best Speech of 2017 : Excerpts 

The Idiots Check List of Extinction 

Our Slow Motion Corporate d'etat Now Complete 

Congressional Review Act ( CRA) Can it save the Net Neutrality  after all?

Why was Rob Rosenstein in Speaker Ryan's office? 

CJ Werlemen : On the Christian Right  ( Excerpts) 

Tony's New York Times Year End Book List 2017


and more !!!

Factual , Fierce and always fun!







Dec 6, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #149 : Tax Bill Juggernaut …. Will Anyone Stand Up for Working People?

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

News , Politics and Commentary FREE of Corporate Influence

Heist in the Middle of the Night , Senate GOP Set the Stage to Rob 300 Million People!

Senator Michael Bennet's Calls out the REALTY of the Tax Scam

What is "Pay-Go" and How it is the Nail in the Coffin for the American People

Will Schumer /Pelosi Fight of Us? 

The Electorate is Sick of Russia 

Message ? Democrats the Jig is Up: Your Message is Missing

Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) : What it is 

The Evolution of Town Hall Attendees in the  Trump Era






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