Jul 17, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #164: Rain Man Meets Vlad The Impaler

The Progressive  Union 

Hosts Doreen and  Tony DiLeonardo 


Putin's Puppet Throws America Under the Bus 

Kaiser Foundation Warning Tax Cuts Threaten Medicare's Future 

Tax Scam Part II on the Horizon 

Anderson Cooper Nails it: Trump is Rain Man

Where is Mike  Pence?

Police Flip a Coin to Determine Arrest. Really!

Teacher's Union Hustle to Ensure Their Survival 

The Last Blockbuster 


Where is Mike Pence?


Jul 14, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #163: Gangster Democracy

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Fierce Factual and Always Fun!


Big Business Freak Out Over Trumps Trade War

Trump Administration Forms First Denaturalization Task Force in 75 Years

U.S.A is Anti Breast Feeding! 

Gallup Poll 40% of Americans Believe the Media is Inaccurate 

MVM Military Contractor in Arizona Housing Children in Office Building

Babies Returned from Detention Camps  to Parents Covered in Lice and Filth 

Supreme Court Ends it Session Crushing Public Employee Unions

Americans Are Not Having Children: Due  to Ecomonic Concerns.

More Mysterious "Sonic Attacks" on Americans in China

Here Comes the Judge : Trump's Federalist Society Pick Brett Kavanaugh 

Can California Save Net Neutrality ? Public Pressure Says Yes

Notorious French Criminal Makes A Second Daring Escape

Will Democrats Give Trump His Right Wing Court?

A Tasty " Wich Hunt " Chipwich Makes a Comeback !







Jun 28, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #162 : American Made

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and  Tony DiLeonardo


Decades of U.S. Intervention in Central America Echo in Present Border Crisis

The Iran Contra Affair 

No They Don't Care About Migrant Families 

Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected with Drugs at Texas Shelter , Lawsuit 

Top Six Dictators Who Also  Divided Children From Parents

Heritage Foundation Makes All Trump's Picks for Posts 

No Plan to Return Kids--- that IS the Plan to  Keep Them

Melania's Jacket / Ivanka's Silence

Tony's Review of the  Tom Cruise Movie ( true story) " American Made" 



Jun 25, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #161 : Tax Payer Funded Kidnapping of Children, Toddlers and Babies

The Progressive Union

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Independent of any corporate influence

Fierce , Factual and  Always Fun!





Jun 17, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #160 : The Right to Vote Under Siege

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Supreme Court Upholds Ohio's Voter Purge Policy

Who is Trump Fear More? Mueller or Robert DeNiro? 

Trump and Kim's Playdate in North Korea 

Net Neutrality is Officically Dead---Now What?

Why Does Paul Ryan Want to Kill the Internet?

118,000 Voters in California Left off Rolls in Los Angeles County


Fierce , Factual and Always Fun! 




Jun 6, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #159: Zero Tolerance

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and  Tony DiLeonardo 


Jeff Sessions Zero Tolerance 

1,475 Children and Babies Missing !

Infants and Children Torn from their Parents Seeking Political Asyum ( LEGALLY)!

Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon Denied Access to Walmart Dention Center by Police!

Who is Nathan Larson?

What the Heck is an Incel?

More Spies in the Oval Office

Hurricane Maria : Harvard Study Exposes Death Toll is 4,600

Bernie Sanders Challenges DISNEY! 

Where's Melania?.... Tony and Doreen do some hilarious speculation 

Trey Gowdy Breaks with Trump 

Ted Cruz and Lamar Alexander Poll Their Members


Giuliani : The Former Mayor has Lost his Mind.




May 26, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #158: Banks Get Deregulation Thanks to Democrats

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 


Farm Bill Held Hostage by Freedom Caucus

Schumer Strugglee to Contain Warren -Led Rebellion 

North Korea Leaves Trump's Peeps Hanging 

Progressives Around the Country Battle Establishment on the Ballot

Why Democrats Voted With Republicans to  Ease Bank Rules

Harvey Weinstein Perp Walk , Charged Finally in NYC

How Dodd Frank Helps the American Consumer

The REAL Winners of the Dodd Frank Roll Back

Celebrities that Support Donald Trump 

Tony's Mike Pence Dossier Part IV : Why Impeaching Trump is NOT a Solution!



May 11, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #157 : Bad Medicine

The Progressive Union 

News, Politics and Commentary 

Independent of any Corporate Influence


Medicaid on the  GOP Chopping  Block to Destruction

Eviction Notices Delivered to over 30,000 seniors in Nursing Homes in Louisiana

Senate Democrats Move to Save Net Neutrality

Queen of Torture: Gina Haspel Looks for a Promotion! 

Part III of Tony's report on VP Mike Pence

Joe Scarborough asks: Why Does Mike Pence Want to Close the Mueller Probe? 

CBS Poll: 6 Months Before the Mid Terms: Democrats Still Looking for  Party's Message




May 1, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #156 : Democrats Primary Shenanigans, Republicans Use Trump to Push Hard Right Agenda

News , Politics and Commentary

Delivered Free of Corporate Influence.


Democrats Never Learn: Primary Shenanigans 2018

The Mike Pence File: Part 2 of Tony's Report on the  VP

Retirement Roulette : How Republicians Will KILL Social Security ( right in plain sight!)

Fukushima : 7 Years Later the Disaster Continues! 

Trump: GOP Secret Weapon to Push Through Their Unpopular Agenda ( Look Over there!)




Apr 14, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #155 : The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Progressive Union

News, Politics and Commentary Delivered without ANY Corporate Influence.

This Week's Show:

Paul Ryan Cashes Out  

Why The Main Stream Media is Dangerous to Our Democracy? 

The  Revolution will  NOT be  Televised : thanks to Bill Clinton 

Keystone Pipeline Leak: One of the  Largest U.S. Inland Spills!

Workers Revolution! Teachers in Red States Demand Fair Pay and Improvements to Schools.

Water Still NOT Safe to Drink in Flint , WHY is Gov Snyder Ending the Free Bottled Water to  Citizens!

Why the Elites Hate Facebook ?

What did the Bush Administration do to the  Post Office in 2006?

How the Main Stream Media Twisted Bernie Sanders Speech in Mississippi 

Think Impeaching Trump is a Solution? Check out Tony DiLeonardo's First of three part Series on Mike Pence








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