Feb 25, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #152 : Democrats Go Rusky , While Republicans Bust the “Lock Box” to Raid Social Security

The Progressive Union 

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Demagoguery: History Repeats Itself 

Assault Weapons Ban : We Had ONE! 

Stoneman Douglas: Right Wing Nightmare a School that Teaches Civics!

Ivanka & Rubio  Scheme to Kill Social Security 

Donors Rule: Why We Have NO Opposition Party To Fight for Working People

Trump in Mississippi?

Ex - NFLer Revenge Post Shuts Down High School

Lisa Marie Presely in Debt for 17 Million! 

Olympic Wrap Up! 


and  more 




Feb 6, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #151: As The GOP / Trump Dismantle Our Democracy , Who Will Speak for the American People?

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Factual , Fierce and Always Fun! 


Bill Maher Panel : Not One Person Representing the Working People 

Pay As You Go : Why Your Earned Benefits are on the Chopping Block

FISA's History and Why We Need it

What Did Rosenstein Visit Speaker Ryan?

Nunez Memo : Phase 1 to Muddy the Waters on Muller's Investigation

Democrats STILL Have NO Message!

Lottery Jackpot Tragedy

Pew Reserch Reports California Migrant Workers Shortage Due to Immigration Policies 

Tony's Sports Report: Concussions on the Rise in 2017, Indians Dump Logo, Super Bowl 52

The MOST Disgusting Dishes From Around the United States!




Jan 9, 2018

The Progressive Union Show #150 : Why Replacing Trump with Pence Will Not Save Our Democracy

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Why Trump is ONLY the Symptom of our National Crisis

Chris Hedges Best Speech of 2017 : Excerpts 

The Idiots Check List of Extinction 

Our Slow Motion Corporate d'etat Now Complete 

Congressional Review Act ( CRA) Can it save the Net Neutrality  after all?

Why was Rob Rosenstein in Speaker Ryan's office? 

CJ Werlemen : On the Christian Right  ( Excerpts) 

Tony's New York Times Year End Book List 2017


and more !!!

Factual , Fierce and always fun!







Dec 6, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #149 : Tax Bill Juggernaut …. Will Anyone Stand Up for Working People?

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

News , Politics and Commentary FREE of Corporate Influence

Heist in the Middle of the Night , Senate GOP Set the Stage to Rob 300 Million People!

Senator Michael Bennet's Calls out the REALTY of the Tax Scam

What is "Pay-Go" and How it is the Nail in the Coffin for the American People

Will Schumer /Pelosi Fight of Us? 

The Electorate is Sick of Russia 

Message ? Democrats the Jig is Up: Your Message is Missing

Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) : What it is 

The Evolution of Town Hall Attendees in the  Trump Era






Nov 14, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #148 : The Swamp is NOW a Cesspool

The Progressive Union :Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Fierce, Factual and Always Fun  and Delivered FREE of any Corporate Influence!


Will Alabamans Elect Roy Moore ? 

Does Trumpism Only Work for Trump? 

TPP Being Negotiated with 11 Nations ( minus the US)

Anti - Abortion Language Hiden in Tax Bill 

FBI Database Missing Millions of Records

Trump Nominates Ex- Big Phrama Exec to Run HHS

House of Cards: The Novella? 

Starve the Beast : State Department in Near Collapse 

North Korea Boots on the Ground : more than 8 Million



Oct 28, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #147 : Republicans Return to Reaganomics , Just Say No , Back to the 80’s

The Progressive Union 

Fierce , Factual and Always Fun!

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Republicans TAX Plan/ Budget Lead Down a Familiar Road to Failed Trickle Down Economics

GOP Budget Winners and Losers

Paul Ryan's Con Job Roll Rerun of Reaganomics for the Trump Era

Paul Krugman on Tax Plan ( Unicorns and all !) 

Justice Department Releases Sandy Hook Documents 

Swamp Is Alive and Well : White Fish Energy NO Bid Deal

Super Valcano Under Yellowstone Park!

Corporate Media's  Ignoring the association of Bannon and Mercer

What Impact Do Corker , McCain and Flake Really Have ?

Democrats and Republicans Allowed The Opoid Crisis to Continue 

Top 50 Companies that us Slave Labor







Oct 5, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #146 : YES Rex He IS a Moron !

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Tillerson Says What We all Know to be True!!

Rex Line in the  Sand: Boy Scouts

Retiring Senator Corker Gives the Press the Straight Talk on the White House

Paul Ryan Begs for Tom Price's Position Reinstated... Kelly is Not Moved!

Ajit Pai Gets Confirmed: 4 Democrats Help Him Kill Net Neutralilty 

Who is Stanislav Petrov? 

Las Vegas Shooting : When Is the Time to Stop the Madness?

American Carange is Up , 338 Mass Shootings Before Las Vegas

30 Million Reasons There  will be NO new Gun Safety Regulations

Tony Reports on Ken Burns Vietnam Series ( History repeats itself)


Sep 10, 2017

The Progressive Union Episode #145 : Gone with the Wind, Red States Get Pounded , Mother Nature Strikes Back

The Progressive Union 

News , Politics and Commentary 

No corporate influence!!

Fierce, Factual and Always Fun! 


DACA : What is REALLY is and WHY the Republcans Did NOT want to Rescind it

Oh the Horror for McConnell, Trump takes the Bait from Schumer!

Trump the Deal Maker , NOT!!

Climate Change Denier Gov Rick Scott Freaks OUT Over Irma

Mothers of all Storms Hit Texas and Florida : Rush Limbaugh Calls them A Liberal Hoax

Equifax Hack: Hits 143 Million Americans

White Christians Are now a Minority 

10 Most Under rated Twilight Zone Episodes ( Hey you know you watch it!)




Aug 14, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #144 : Loose Talk of Nukes , Mueller Closing In, White Supremacists Take to the Streets

The Progressive Union

Independent News , Politics and Commentary

Free of any Corporate Influence

Hosts : Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo


Loose Talk About Nukes , Mueller Moves In and the KKK Take Over a Liberal College Town.

Political Musical Chairs : White House Looks to Increase Their Numbers in The Senate

While You Were Freaking Out Over Nukes : the Right Wing Agenda Moves Merrily On

Trumps Accomplishments: Ratcheting Up Tensions with North Korea and Fanning the Flames of Racism

Red Neck Revolt : Left Wing Activists 

Squirrel Goes Nuts ( no pun intended) in NYC 




Jul 14, 2017

The Progressive Union Show #143: Russia is the Red Herring, it is the Distraction from the REAL Threats!

 News, Politics and Commentary 

 Delivered Independent and FREE  of any Corporate Influence!!! 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 




This Episodes Topics:

Trumpcare Third Time Around...Can it Pass

The Cruz Amendment : Will Kill Our Employer Paid Insurance.

Forget Russia: Our Elections Are Being Attacked From Within

Kris Kobach  , Cross Check and The Election Integrity Commission

56 Doctors , 412 Defendents Arrested in Opioids Scam of 1.3 Billion in Claims to Federal Healthcare Programs!

Who Will Be Republican #3 to Say No to Trumpcare? 

What Governor Holds Our Health in the  Balance?

Forget The Senate in 2018: GOP Seats Are Not Vulnerable 

How McDonalds is Beating the Wage Increases 

What Happens When an Iceberg as Big as Delaware Gets Loose? 

Tony's Top 10 List of Cities In America : How Much You Need to Make an Hour to Rent a Home.

Thomas Jefferson and  Slavery









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