Dec 30, 2016

The Progressive Union Show #135: The Real Threats Looming in 2017

The Progressive Union Radio Show


 Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo deliver news, politics & commentary independent of ANY corporate influence.

This week's Episode :

Pence, Ryan and McConnell Administration: The Real Threat!
The GOP Planned to ROB You of YOUR Entitlements
4 Syndromes of Passivity in the Face of Pending
Democrats in Denial: Weak Messaging
The ReDistribution of OUR Money to the Top 2% By GOP.
Trump and Net Neutrality: The most UNDER Reported issue.
Planned Parenthood Destined to be the next ACORN?
Obama Gives The Ruskies Boot!
Paul Ryan's Attempt to Keep YOU from the Truth
Coal Miners Get the Shaft if Obamacare is Repealed
How Close Have We Come to Nuclear Armageddon?



Dec 10, 2016

The Progressive Union: Trump Elected with Russia’s Help….Swamp is NOW a Cesspool!

The Progressive Union Radio Show

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Independent News and Politics with no Corporate Influence 


Topics :

CIA Assessement Says Russia Was Trying to Help Trump Win the White House 

Carrier Plant : What Really Happened 

Trump Told Us the Election was Rigged!

Exxon CEO Ties to Half a Trillion Dollar Deal with Putin 

Trump's Seven Techniques to Control the Media

Trump's Cesspool of Cabinet Appointees

GOP Donors Rewarded with Jobs 







Nov 12, 2016

The Progressive Union: Show #133 , The Trumpocalypse !

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

News, Politics and Commentary 

Independent of Any Corporate Influence





Nov 5, 2016

The Progressive Union: Our Democracy is on the Ballot…. Final Countdown Election 2016


Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Assault On Our Democracy By The GOP, FBI and Russia.
GOP Cries " Impeach Hillary"....Before She is Elected
The Hatch Act : FBI Violating It . 
Intelligence Community Confirms Russia Interfering In Our Election: But Trump is Still Putin's BFF.
Gary " The Government's the Problem " Johnson 
Jill Stein Is A Green Alright....Follow the Money
The Stress Factor: Effects the Election is Having on People
Rudy Guiliani Simply Giddy that HE KNEW About the FBI Leaks Weeks Ahead... Trump Camp  Involved. 
Melania Trump Worked Illegally

Special Guest : Queen Z, Dani Zee 

Oct 26, 2016

The Progressive Union Show #131: Playing The Long Game !

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Discuss News and Politics Free of Corporate Influence. 

This Weeks Topics:

Playing the Long Game: How Our Democracy Works

Early Voting Funny Business in Florida ---Already

Civic Ignorance: How it Can Crush our Democracy

Bernie Sanders Could be in Control of Our 4 Trillion Dollar Budget 

Who Are Robert and Rebekah Mercer? 

Down Ballot is KEY to Getting a Progressive Agenda: States In Play!

How Marijuana Possession Arrests are Ruining Thousands of Lives

and much more!!

Oct 10, 2016

The Progressive Union : Hillary vs The Donald , Round Two !!

The Progressive Union 

Hosts: Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Round Two of this circus we call the 2016 Presidential Election!

Sep 24, 2016

The Progressive Union Show #129: 3rd Party Voters Do YOU Want to be Responsible for President Trump?

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 

Discuss News and Politics 

2016 Can Become Year 2000 All Over Again
Nader, Florida and The Popular Vote
Media Deregulation is Killing Our Democracy!
Trump Voters are Beyond Help 
How 3rd Party Voters Will Elect Trump
Who is Mike Pence
Benghazi and Emails Settled Matters: So Why Does the Media Act Like They Aren't
Trump Scandal Over Load
Newsweek Story Trump Bomb Shell Literally Ignored by the Media

and more !


Sep 3, 2016

The Progressive Union Show #127 : The Trump’s “Vile Bunch” Try to Reboot the Campaign

The Progressive Union Radio Show

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo

Trump's Campaign Staff: "The Vile Bunch"
What The Main Stream Media DID NOT tell you about Trump's Trip to Mexico
The Donald's Reboot is Poll Driven : Target Suburban White Women
Who are the Angel Moms Anyway?
Debate Moderators Selected ....GAME ON!
Aurora Cinemark Lawusuit 
North Carolina Voter ID Law Struck Down.
Flying Cockroaches...... and there is that!! 

and more Facts and Fun from the DiLeonardos!


Aug 19, 2016

The Progressive Union : Weekly Election 2016 Report on WXKW 104.9 Key West

The Progressive Union 

Hosts Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo 
Weekly Election 2016 Report Aired on WXKW Key West 

Donald Trump's Poison Posse 
Who is Wendi Deng Anyway?
Trump Never  Really Wanted to Be President 
Trump Calls for Extreme Vetting of Refugees : Memo to the Donald Already Extremely Extreme!

Factual, Fierce and FUN!! 

Aug 13, 2016

The Progressive Union : Donald Trump’ s New Low and Suction Cup Steve Scales Trump Tower!

The Progressive Union Radio Show Hosts:

Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo
on WXKW 104.9 Key West

Discuss Trump's Second Amendment Comments
Who is Suction Cup Steve? And Why Did He Climb Trump Tower ?!

Factual, Fierce and Fun !!

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